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Web Costs

Domain Name Registration:
  A few years ago it cost $35 per year (minimum two years) to register your website (also called a domain).  Thanks to competition, there are now many registrars from which to choose.  The registrar we use charges less than $12 per year, based on a 5 year commitment.  DNS registration is independent of web hosting -- your website name is yours exclusively for that period.

Web Hosting:  Count on paying $10 per month to host your website, with no long term commitment or setup fees.  You can pay more elsewhere, and you might be able to pay less.  We'll use our web host provider and charge you $10 per month.

Professional Services:  Whether laying out pages or optimizing graphics, our hourly rate is $30 in 15 minute increments.  For a 6-8 page website, expect to pay $180-$240 for design, development and publishing to the web host provider.

Summary of Costs: 
DNS for 5 years $55
Web hosting for 1 year $120
Website design, development, etc. for 6-8 page site $180-$240

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