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Domain Name Registration:
  Every website on the Internet or World Wide Web has a name, such as There is a process called domain name registration through which you register your website name.  Registrars throughout the world exchange this information so that you have exclusive use of that name for the registration period, usually one to many years.  The process is not difficult, but we'll do that for you and simply pass the expense along to you. 

Web Hosting:  You're probably familiar with the expression "Internet Service Provider" -- like AOL -- where you obtain Internet access on a monthly basis.  Web hosting is similar, except this time you're looking for a service that will "host" your website on their computer equipment.  As long as the web hosting provider has really fast connections to the Internet, reliable and redundant equipment and a good reputation, you really don't care whether they are located down the street or in Key West.  All web host providers are not created equal.  Some require a long term contract, and some require setup fees.  The firm we've used for the last four years has been extremely reliable, with excellent monthly rates, and no long term commitment or setup fees.  We'll set that up for you, usually for six or twelve months at a time.

Website Design & Development:  Armed with a name and a place to host your website, now you need some content that describes the "who, what, where, when, and why" of your business or organization.  We'll take your information and perhaps your logo and design a series of pages and tie them together with a navigation system to move around within your website.  We can use any information that's already in electronic form, such as word processing files, digital photos, flyers, etc.  Alternatively, we'll take your notes or sketches as a starting point in the process.  And then there's metadata.  Search engines (large Internet databases similar to phonebook yellow pages) use metadata to collect information from your website and make it available on the Web.  Basically, metadata are keywords like "fishing", "Chesapeake Bay", "cameras" that lead potential customers to your website.  With your help, we'll identify appropriate metadata and imbed it in your website.

Graphics Support:  We can scan paper photos or manipulate digital photos for use on your website.  We can scan typewritten documents or flyers and capture text or artwork.  If you're local to southern Maryland, we can visit your location with our digital cameras to capture your signage or storefront, etc.  Any and all graphics used within your website will be optimized and prepared in an appropriate file type.  Optimization is a process that takes into account the fact that computer monitors have resolution limits.  It is vitally important that any graphics used within your website are prepared to minimize loading time, with little sacrifice in quality.  As an example, the bay scene component of the graphic at the top of this page started out as five separate photos that were stitched together into one panoramic file that was then optimized to less than one percent of its original size.  

Website Maintenance:  All websites need periodic updates, whether monthly or annual.  We can usually satisfy your needs within two-four business days.  If you're dissatisfied with your current webmaster or web host provider, we can migrate your existing website to our preferred service and most likely save you some money.

Search Engine Submission:  Although not required, it's a good idea to register your website with search engines.  For better or worse, there are thousands of search engines out there, some large and some small, some general and some targeted.  For a nominal annual fee, we'll submit your website to a listing or registration service that will "advertise" your website on the World Wide Web.  You should know that competition for top listings is fierce, and there is no end to the variety of services (and expenses) you can employ to move up in the ranks.  

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