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So now you've decided that you need a website.  Now what?  Sometimes picking out a name is easy, but chances are good that it may already be taken.  It only takes a few minutes to find out.  The simplest way is to get on the Internet and key in some candidate names.  If you get a "website not found" error message, then that name is still available.  Decide on the number of years for which you'd like to reserve that name.  Most of our clients choose 5 years.

While you're on the Internet, browse around and check out your competition.  Jot down the website names that include content or other website attributes, color combinations, or navigation styles that appeal to you. If you go to a tradeshow, pick up literature from other businesses to see what they're doing.  Gather up your own flyers, artwork, photos or brochures to serve as a starting point for your website.  Then contact us and let us put you on the web!

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